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Unsere Mission

Karmahike - eine Symbiose aus Wandern und Yoga
About Karmahike

Karmahike offers hiking & yoga trips that last 4 to 7 days. The primary focus is on easy- to medium-level day hikes, while daily yoga classes are also part of the package.  

Greece, Mallorca (Spain), the Alps (Germany, Austria and Italy) as well as the regions of Brandenburg and Uckermark (in the countryside, an hour from Berlin, Germany’s capital) are Karmahike’s primary destinations.

Daily hikes will last from 3 to 6 hours, with additional time for a daily yoga class. Karmahike’s group size is capped at 8-10 people travelling together.

Ayurvedic vegan and vegetarian meals are provided at some of the destinations. All organic products are carefully chosen, while an experienced Indian chef creates delicious and healthy meals for the group.

As well, Karmahike accommodations are artfully selected: in remote places surrounded by nature, with stunning views, and close to the ocean or in the mountains.

Who Are KarmaHikers?

Adults who love to hike four to six hours daily, who are comfortable with high elevation and uneven surfaces (mostly in the Alps). Some experience with yoga is appreciated, but not a precondition for travelling with Karmahike.

KarmaHike trips are ideal for nature lovers and people who care about a healthy and balanced lifestyle. People who want to recharge their batteries, who need a break and who want to relax actively.

KarmaHike offers trips for active people, who care about their impact, consume consciously and honor the simple things in life. KarmaHikers want to actively let go, and seek to get away from the usual distraction of TV, mobile phones and the Internet. People who book KarmaHike trips want to feel lighter and freer.  They enjoy flowers, trees, fresh and clean air, silence and the quiet power of nature. KarmaHikers are aware of their surroundings, love shared experiences, have perhaps traveled widely and are open-hearted and minded.

Singles, friends, couples and smaller groups, such as work teams, are welcome at KarmaHike. Smartphones, however, will remain at home. We want to be as we are and leave our busy career or family lives at home, at least for a couple of days.


Karmahike steht für Authentizität, für Ehrlichkeit und Offenheit. Für Naturverbundenheit und Inspiration, für Freiheit und Herzlichkeit, für Spiritualität und Genuss. Wir glauben, dass die Gedanken in der Stille zur Ruhe kommen. Dass wir durch die Bewegung und Anstrengung in der freien Natur Kraft schöpfen und uns stärken können. Dass wir uns durch das Naturerlebnis in einem neuen Verhältnis zu unserer Umwelt und unserem Umfeld setzen. Dass wir uns im „Hier und Jetzt“ bewegen und so mehr Energie und neue Ideen entstehen.


Karmahike ist mehr als nur Wandern und nur Yoga - es ist unsere gemeinsame Passion.

Über Karmahike-Yoga

Alle Yoga-Lehrer sind professionell ausgebildet und durch international anerkannte Organisationen wie die Yoga Alliance oder den BDY zertifiziert, langjährig erfahren und in verschiedenen Yoga-Stilen zu Hause. Karmahike bietet klassisches Hatha-Yoga, kraftvolle Vinyasa-Flow-Klassen sowie entspanntes Yin-Yoga. Pranayama- und Meditationsübungen sind Teil jeder Yoga-Stunde.

Über Karmahike-Wanderungen

Unsere Wandertouren variieren in Anspruch und Länge mit Wanderzeiten zwischen drei und maximal sechs Stunden täglich. Die Wanderungen sind keine Sonntags-Spaziergänge, sondern Halb-Tagestouren ohne Klettersteige, die für jedermann mit etwas Fitness gut zu bewältigen sind. Geführt werden die Wanderungen zumeist von Claudia. Sie ist passionierte Bergsteigerin und hat über zehn Jahre Erfahrung im Führen von Wandergruppen im In- und Ausland.

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Our Team

Hiking Guide, English- & German-Language Yoga
Karmahike was founded in Berlin by Claudia Gellrich. She´s a passionate mountain hiker and yoga teacher. She helped to built-up brands4friends from scratch and used to work in top-level positions for other well-known companies, such as eBay.de and dawanda.com. After more than a decade in the online-retail business Claudia focuses since 2013 exclusively on mountain sports and her job at karmahike.com. Claudia started hiking and mountain climbing as a child. For more than 10 years, she has been an active member in the biggest and most well-known mountaineering association in Germany, Deutscher Alpen Verein, DAV. She began practicing yoga 10 years ago. Her first teacher training was in 2011 in Berlin, in Savananda style, and her second in New York, in Ashtanga style. She has worked for market-leading companies, such as Frosch Sportreisen in Greece and in Costa Rica as mountain guide and yoga teacher.
Yoga in English, Meditation
At home both in the concrete and natural jungles of the world, Geda is a perpetual pilgrim with a healthy appetite for adventure and learning. Geda’s love for yoga began 10 years ago after he was introduced to the practice by a friend and it has become an integral part of his life. Geda sees asana practice primarily as a vehicle for creating the internal space for deeper introspection. He has an adoptive teaching style that concentrates on the needs of his students. Proper alignment, attentive adjustments, mindful breathing, and a healthy dose of fun are usually at the forefront of his classes. 

Off the mat, Geda is an avid student of psychology, history, and the philosophic traditions of both the East and West. He has a particular talent for engaging and making accessible some of the more esoteric teachings of the East. As well, Geda is an avid guitar player and student, and spends an inordinate amount of his time improving his musical skills.
English-Language Yoga
A U.S. native, Abigail studied yoga in San Francisco for four years before moving to Berlin in 2011. Celebrated for her advanced practice and sensitive, meditative teaching style, Abigail teaches classes and yoga retreats around the world. In Berlin, she instructs several popular public classes, e.g. at Chimosa and NoExcuses in Berlin. Abigail is a lululemon athletica brand ambassador and teaches also private clientele.
English-Language Yoga
A U.S. native, Carrie has spent most of her life in Brooklyn, New York as well as in Bali, Indonesia. She works as a yoga teacher for many years, e.g. at Yellow Yoga in Berlin.. She´s a passionate hiker and Vipassana mediator too.
German-Language Yoga, Coaching, Management
A German native, Diana started her practice many years ago. She completed her teacher training at Ananda Ashram in the US, in New York, in 2014. She teaches Vinyasa-Flow, a strong and dynamic style, but also Restorative Yoga, a gentle and relaxing yoga style. She is a certified NLP Master and works as a life coach in Berlin at HP Praxis. She teaches mindfulness and awareness and aims to make her students understand their body language, behavior and their thinking patterns better and this way to overcome their inner barriers. She’s also a valued member of the Spirit Yoga team, led by Patricia Thielmann, a world known yoga teacher. Diana is KarmaHike’s Chief-of-Staff and responsible for the organization and booking of KarmaHike tours.
Yoga Teacher und Ayurvedic Chef
An Indian native, Jatinder grew up with yoga. He has practiced and taught Kundalini yoga for most of his life. Together with his friend Jivan, he plays Tabla, performing around the world. Jatinder is an experienced chef with a deep knowledge of how to create delicious, healthy Ayurvedic meals.
Sabine Klein
Business-Yoga und Stressmanagement
Sabine is a passionate Yoga teacher and a certified relaxation teacher for many years. Thanks to her professional experience in the corporate world, Sabine designes her workshops very much alive and shares her professional know-how in the field of stress management particularly practical.Sabine accompanies our team and team-building events and is responsible for the business yoga and stress management sessions. When she´s not traveling with Karmahike, Sabine teaches Yoga in renowned Yoga studios such as spirit Yoga Berlin andYoga Für Dich and supports employees of large companies such as Mercedes Benz, when it comes to stress management.
Hiking, Yoga, Qi Gong & Meditation
Lia teaches a gentle and creative Yoga stil, which is characterized by her various experiences in different yoga disciplines (Vinyasa Flow, Kundalini, Yin Yoga), as well as in the areas of Qi Gong, Tai Chi and Meditation. She loves to get in touch with nature and her own breath while hiking. For her, Yoga is a way to center yourself positively and to bring the energies of body, mind and soul into a flow. Lia is a mother of two, studied media design and teaches Art. In 2015 she moved from Berlin up north to „Barnimer Land“ and joined the Karmahike team 2017.
Hiking & Yoga
For Lena the connection of nature, hiking and yoga is an absolute enrichment for her own life. She loves to share and pass on these most precious experiences and likes to be on the road with like-minded, nature-loving „Karmahikers“. Originally from Hamburg, she was trained mostly in the area around Munich. Her hiking training and further education in the field of guiding people and teaching Yoga she received from DAV and
Hiking, Yoga, Pranajama & Meditation
Irene is a long-time yoga teacher and has her training. In the Paracelsus school and Satya Yoga. Numerous further training courses and workshops on „yoga philosophy

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